Hamzabeyli Border Gate

The renewal of Hamzabeyli, another border gate opening to neighboring country Bulgaria where a significant portion of imports and exports from/to Europe take place, was completed in 2009 for the first time by Customs and Tourism Enterprises (GTI).

However, in order to provide required capacity enhancement,  a reconstruction process has been started because of the increase in the number of crossing vehicles and passengers. Constructional activities are currently in progress, in the meantime passenger and TIRs crossings are ensured effectively.

Hamzabeyli Border Gate, whose total field area will be extended from  64.000 sqm’ to 150.000 sqm with the new project, will also significantly reduce the burden of Kapıkule Border Gate, as well.

In Kapıkule Border Gate, which was provided with high-technology, apart from service areas, duty-free shops, food and beverage service areas and a market are in service. Additionally, a gas station providing service for commercial vehicles is available in the field, as well.