Kapıkule Border Gate

Firstly established as a frontier post in the year 1930, Kapıkule’s story as a border gate started in 1953 with cabinet decision.  

Kapıkule Border Gate is the way of Turkey to Bulgaria and by this way, to Europe; and it is the second busiest border gate of the world and the busiest one in the Europe.

Kapıkule, the most active border gate of Turkey, has a major role for the economy of the country thanks to its position as the gate for all the export and import activities with Europe. Kapıkule Border Gate will increase the rhythm of the economy with its more modern facilities.

  • • The Kapıkule Border Gate has the total area of 333.000 m² and the total construction area is 41.240 m²;

  • • There are two commercial buildings; one for passengers and one for the trucks; with the total area of 19.900 m²,

  • • There are two administrative buildings; one at the passenger side and one at the truck side with the total area of 7.500 m²,

  • • There are X-Ray scanning devices at three different locations in the facility,

  • • The new VIP building has the area of approximately 1.000 m².

  • • Total 23 platforms were constructed for the Gate; 11 platforms for the truck side – 5 entry and 6 exit points – and 11 platforms for the passenger side – 12 entry points and 11 for exits.

  • • There is a gas station at the facility serving the commercial vehicles.