Sarp Border Gate

Sarp Border Gate is the gate of Turkey to Georgia in the coast of Karadeniz. The name of the gate is coming from the name of the village where the gate is settled. Also the name of the village on Georgian side is ‘Sarpi’. The border gate was firstly started its activities in 1989. Sarp is settled 15 km away from the town Hopa. It is the gate to Autonomous Republic of Adjara of Georgia which is also significant as being a gate to whole the Caucasus. The distance from the gate to Batumi, the administrative center of Adjara, is approximately 20 km.     

 The Border Gate was designed in a capacity to meet the demand for the region because of the fact that the transportation of the goods and commodities between the Asia and Europe will be carried out over this road and within the framework of the growing economy of Georgia and developing commercial relations between two countries. The construction of this gate was completed in about one year. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 23rd March 2008 and the construction activities were completed on 5th March 2009. The new Sarp Border Gate plays a significant role in terms of the development of the region and contribution to the economy of Turkey considering the Black Sea Coastal Highway, which was completed, as well.

  • • Total area of 36.000 m²;

  • • A commercial building of 3.000 m²,

  • • An administrative building of 2.700 m²;

  • • There are 4 entry – 4 exit, total 8 platforms constructed for the Gate,

  • • There is 1 X-Ray scanning device.