At our border gates, which were modernized using the latest developments in technology, CCTV screening and digital recording systems became the indispensable parts of security, protection and administrative applications. Thanks to moveable and fixed cameras that can be remotely managed, it is possible to get the image of desired areas in detail.At each of our border gate there are 35 Speed-Dom moveable and 80 fixed cameras on the average whose number changes according to the size of the area.


All TIRs which make entrances and exits from the country are being screened into the smallest detail without making any physical search by means of x rays thanks to X-Ray Devices. The materials that are present in TIRs, which are put subject to screening, are being examined by educated operators after they passed image processing; and the materials can be distinguished organically and inorganically. Thus, goods which were placed in secret parts of the vehicle such as gold, historical artefacts, drugs, guns etc. can be detected easily. On the occasion of detecting sensitive items, physical examination of TIRs related part is enabled.


Weighing of vehicles, who make transitions from our border gates with the intention of transportation, are being made carefully. Licence plate, date and weighing information such as weight are recorded in the log file after being transformed into a special format in order to provide tracking, security and control. Content of all log files at all gates are instantly processed in the database of host server and stored there for reporting and checking. Through a developed algorithm, weighing checks cannot be copied.

Weighing Scales

Licence plates, which are read both at the entrance and exit, are sent to border gate software and its tracking is provided within the area. Besides,the vehicles that make entrance and exit are automatically followed. Using POS software,we aimed at detecting the vehicles which make inappropriate entrance into the area and preventing the possible illegal activities that may happen within the area.

Licence Plate
Reading System