A pioneering model
emerging from Turkey
to the global arena


With the build-operate-transfer model, our territorial border checkpoints are being renewed completely without any cost for the public as per the requirements of the time and furthermore the model provides additional tax income for the public.



All the facilities at the modernized border gates, all kinds of infrastructure and upper structure applications are reconstructed with the advanced technological equipment.

In other words, whole border gate is reconstructed from top to bottom. The cost of financing this construction is met by GTI without using state sources.



During the operation period, operation of all kinds of commercial activities is conducted by GTI.

Besides, all operational procedures such as maintenance, heating, cooling, lighting and cleaning at the border gates are conducted by GTI and these operational expenditures are also met by GTI during this process.



At the end of the operating period, the modernized facilities are transferred to public, in an operating manner, free of charge.

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