Kapıkule Truck Parking

Completed 2015 Edirne
Total Area 127.315 m2
Closed Area 1.380 m2
Passenger Capacity 0
Vehicle Capacity 0

In order to prevent the formation of long queues of trucks on the highway before the Kapıkule Border Gate and to provide a modern and secure waiting area for truck drivers who have to wait extended periods to complete their procedures, a Truck Park area was constructed in 2015 on a total area of 85,000 square meters.

As a result of the expansion works carried out in 2020, the Truck Park has been expanded to an area of 127,315 square meters with a capacity for 700 trucks. Within the Truck Park, there are dining areas, a market, a currency exchange office, a permit sales office, a barber, and ATMs available.

The presence of social areas within the park where drivers can fulfill their personal needs such as restrooms, showers, a mosque, a library, and a resting room allows drivers to wait in a more modern environment. Additionally, it provides a solution to the issue of working and resting times connected to tachographs, while also promoting fuel savings.

GTİ, prioritizing working in harmony with technology, ensures the sequential entry and exit of trucks to the Border Gate through an integrated queue number system that collaborates with the Customs Directorate, utilizing smart ID cards provided at the entrance.

Truck drivers can obtain their exit queue through the kiosks located in the park area. They can easily track their parking space and exit notifications on their mobile phones and on screens within the facility through the card provided to them at the entrance.

Weighbridge Prices

  • Current Price 200 TL

Service Points

  • Currency Exchange Office
  • Barber
  • ATM
  • Edirne Commodity Exchange
  • Supermarket
  • Catering Facilities
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