Hamzabeyli Border Gate

Completed 2017 Edirne
Total Area 172.280 m2
Closed Area 28.000 m2
Passenger Capacity 0
Vehicle Capacity 0

The renovation works of Hamzabeyli, another border gate of Türkiye, opening to neighbouring country Bulgaria, where a significant portion of import and export to Europe takes place, were initially completed by GTİ in 2009. Due to the increase in the number of vehicles and passengers passing through the Hamzabeyli Border Gate over time, the existing area became insufficient. Therefore, reconstruction works began in 2017 with the aim of expanding the area. As a result of the completed works in 2019, the area of the border gate was expanded from 64,000 square meters to 172,280 square meters. Additionally, the capacity for the passage of cars, buses, and trucks was tripled.

At the Hamzabeyli Border Gate, there are a total of 12 lanes, with 6 entry and 6 exit lanes, for truck crossings. Additionally, there are 8 lanes, with 4 entry and 4 exit lanes, for cars and buses, ensuring a fast and comfortable passage experience.

At the Hamzabeyli Border Gate, there are Duty-Free shops, dining areas, a market, ATMs, and insurance agencies available. Additionally, there are facilities provided for passengers to meet their personal needs such as restrooms and a mosque. Furthermore, modern Duty-Free shops, separate for passengers and trucks, offer guests the opportunity to shop and enjoy pleasant moments at restaurants and cafes.

Within the premises, there is a facility where up to 14 commercial vehicles can refuel simultaneously. In accordance with the regulations issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, commercial vehicles carrying export goods are exempt from Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel sales as part of export incentives.

Fuel Prices

  • Diesel 23,12 TL/LT

Last updated: 13 May 2024 09:47

Weighbridge Prices

  • Current Price 200 TL

Service Points

  • Setur Free Shop
  • UMAT Türk
  • ATM
  • Supermarket
  • Catering Facilities
  • Opet Gas Station
  • Turkcell
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