Muratbey Customs Office

Completed İstanbul
Total Area 220.000 m2
Closed Area 56.472 m2
Passenger Capacity 0
Vehicle Capacity 0

GTİ undertook the relocation and modernization of Muratbey Customs Directorate, Türkiye's largest Internal Customs Directorate, to the Çatalca region of Istanbul.

Easily accessible without entering city traffic, Muratbey, with its new structure, is built on a sprawling 220,000 square meters, featuring 35,000 square meters of warehouse space, 4,150 square meters of office space, and a 3,000 square meters social service area, all equipped with modern technical infrastructure.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology by GTİ, this facility hosts over 200 offices, in addition to the units belonging to the Customs Directorate. These offices are made available for use by institutions supporting foreign trade, consultancy firms, professional chambers, and civil society representatives.

Muratbey Customs Directorate has been designed to cater to truck drivers entering and exiting for customs and logistics procedures. Offering various social facilities, it provides a wide range of services including ATMs, barber shops, showers, restaurants, markets, and mosques, all under one roof. Operating as a modern and technological facility, it aims to meet the needs of truck drivers effectively.

Weighbridge Prices

  • Current Price 200 TL

Service Points

  • Barber
  • ATM
  • Supermarket
  • Catering Facilities
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